Dance Designs

Private Lessons


Private lessons are available in all styles and levels of dance with any member of our professional staff. These lessons allow students to focus on dance through personalized attention and direction. Whether preparing for our Cabaret, Holiday, or recital performances or simply perfecting their technique, students are able to meet their specific goals at their own pace. Private lessons are by appointment and are scheduled based on the instructor’s availability and your convenience.





To help our students become well-rounded performers, we offer both voice training and piano lessons.  Any individual interested in a performing arts career usually has already got one talent growing, whether it be dancing, singing or acting. Adding the other two skills to your repertoire turns YOU into a director’s must-have: a triple threat! Whether you are looking to audition, preparing for a performance or eager to perfect your technique, private voice training can be an enhancement. Learn more here.




The CabaretTeaser4

Every year our vocal and dance students get the opportunity to showcase their skills at a live performance we call “The Cabaret”. The one-day event is open to all performers of any age or level of experience. If interested in performing, please contact us for more  information.