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    • TODDLER TIME: Toddlers and their parent/caregiver will share this fun introduction to the joy of movement. Children will explore up, down, sideways, backward, under and over, with their bodies and move to the music while developing awareness, coordination and peer interaction. This is a fun way to introduce your children to dance.

    • RISING STAR: A special class for a special age! This delightful course introduces tap, ballet, tumbling, and creative movement through the use of music, props, and fun. Rising Stars develop their attention spans and learn to work in a group while developing motor skills. These dancers achieve better coordination and gain dance fundamentals in a class that emphasizes the fun and excitement of discovering the world through movement.

    • TUMBLE HOP: Young dancers looking to roll, jump, hop, and bend to current, appropriate music love Tumble Hop! This introduction to dance and tumbling incorporates the fundamentals of gymnastics along with Hip Hop and Jazz dance in a fun, age-appropriate setting. The fast-paced music really gets little bodies moving!

    • TAP/BALLET: This “combo” class combines ballet and tap. The dancer will learn the basics of each technique and develop coordination. These young dancers will learn the importance of taking turns and working together while having fun exploring dance.

    • JAZZ/HIP HOP: This “combo” class combines jazz and hip hop. Dancers learn to move and groove to their favorite popular music while being exposed to jazz dance fundamentals.

    • BALLET/PRE-TOE/POINTE: Classical but by no means out of date; it is the foundation for all other styles of dance! Beautiful posture, flexibility, strength, and grace are results of Ballet. This class teaches the discipline of Ballet while fostering a love of dance in the students. Dancers must be enrolled in 2 ballet classes and have teacher approval to enroll in a pointe class.

    • TAP: Tap is a dance style that emphasizes the quality of sound while moving through a gradual building of rhythms and tap phrases. This rhythmic execution of syncopated movement will enhance a dancer’s timing, rhythm, and precision. In class, you will learn basic tap steps, which eventually progress into fancy footwork!

    • JAZZ: Contemporary jazz styles are taught within the course program including straight jazz, street jazz, urban/funk, stylized jazz, lyrical jazz, and musical theater/Broadway. This is a fun way to cultivate flexibility, energy, expression, interpretation, strength, and coordination.

    • JAZZ STUNTS/ACRO: In this class, jazz dancers improve their leaps and turn while learning acrobatic and floor gymnastics skills. Dancers work on flexibility and strength to master stunts that can be applied to dance, cheer, and gymnastics. Dancers must be currently enrolled in a jazz class to enroll in a jazz stunts/acro class.

    • LYRICAL: This interpretive, highly emotional form of dance balances the technique of ballet and jazz. Lyrical is a very expressive form of dance that consists of movements designed to interpret the lyrics of a song. It is a beautiful, flowing form of dance. Dancers must be currently enrolled in a ballet class to enroll in a lyrical class.

    • MODERN: Through this interpretive form of dance, students are encouraged to improvise as they explore the unique way their own bodies move to various types of accompaniment. It includes learning movements of the body efficiently and expressively.

    • CONTEMPORARY: A relative newcomer to the dance world, contemporary dance is exploding! This mix of jazz, lyrical, and modern dance uses classic techniques, strong movements, and heightened emotions to tell a story through dance

    • HIP HOP: This high-energy class uses the latest sounds in rap, R&B and pop music together with movements influenced by today’s hottest choreographers. Along with choreography, freestyle is included to give students the opportunity to develop their own sense of style.

    • STREET JAZZ: A fusion class of jazz, hip-hop, and contemporary that incorporates rhythmic choreography, kicks, and turns. Dance moves from the latest celebrities keep students moving with music ranging from old-school to new.

    • BREAKIN’: “Breakin’” is one of the core elements of hip hop dance. Popularized in the 1980s, the form was developed on the streets of New York. Learn everything from the basics of this exciting form to battling with a partner.